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Supertech lash caps

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Product Description

Supertech lash caps enable setting proper valve lash when using solid “shim-under-bucket” style lifters.

They are available in a variety of thicknesses ranging from 1.40mm to 5.00mm, so you must do a test assembly of your valvetrain after doing a valve job and measure the lash between the lifter and cam lobe in order to determine the size lash caps to order.

You can “mix and match” different thickness caps as needed. Email me a list of the sizes that you need and I’ll check with Supertech on their current inventory. If they are out of the sizes that you need, I have other resources, but they cost substantially more than $6 per cap.

FYI, lash settings on B6 and BP engines should be:

.008” intake
.012” exhaust