I apologize for any confusion regarding the awkward checkout process of my store.

I subscribe to a store service that provides an extensive parts catalog (in addition to the many Miata-specific products that I've added), but unfortunately the store's shopping cart is not capable of accurately estimating shipping rates. And there's no means to monitor inventory.

I’ve found that when customers were able to pay for their orders, often there were wrong or obsolete prices that I couldn't honor, parts not in stock in my suppliers' or my own inventory, or shipping rates either too low or too high.

When customers were able to pay their (incorrect) shopping cart total, some became frustrated (or worse) when I later informed them that I couldn't honor the prices or shipping rates shown to them by the store without losing money on their transaction and asked them to pay more.

So even though it's more work for both my customers and me, the simplest solution was to disable the store's payment system and for me to screen and process orders manually, enabling me to assure that the prices and shipping rates are accurate before I request a payment.

So when you check out your shopping cart, you won't be offered a means to pay, only “check or money order.” Simply ignore that and complete the order process. I’ll receive the order that you place, I’ll review it for accuracy, then I'll send you a quote showing the current parts prices and shipping charges along with payment instructions.

Please be aware that it's only me working alone doing everything behind the scenes.

Thanks for your patience!

Bill Wilner
Owner Dude

When you check out, select the payment option, “pay by check or money order.” You will not have the ability to pay. I will review your order for shipping rates and current product pricing and will send you a quote with instructions on how to pay using PayPal or a credit card.

Many of the items shown in my store will be drop-shipped directly to you from our partner sources around the world. I have no control over what shipping services they use and there's no practical means to reflect that fact in my store. That’s why I need to manually review each order before requesting payment.

I am an authorized dealer for all of the brands shown in my store (plus hundreds more from around the world that I'll never possibly ever have time to add to the store). Every single product shown in the store is not necessarily in stock with me or my sources at all times. If you need to know that you'll receive your purchase by a particular deadline, BEFORE placing an order, please contact me to confirm whether I will be able to meet your expectations.

I ship in-stock items within one business day. Many of the items shown in my store are drop-shipped to you from the manufacturers or my partner distributors. I can’t guarantee the promptness of their filling your order. If any of the item(s) in your order will be unavailable to ship within a week, I will contact you ASAP.

Manufacturers periodically update their product specifications and prices, facts which generally aren't brought to my attention. I do my best to assure the accuracy of my store's prices, images, and text, but I’m only human and it’s hard to keep up and also sometimes I make mistakes. If you catch errors, please contact me.

I reserve the right to not process sales of items that are accidentally shown in our store at incorrect prices. If I happen to discover a pricing error while preparing your order, I will contact you ASAP.

Manufacturers don't always make specific images available for every unique application. And I don't have the wherewithall to purchase every one of their products and create images for them. Therefore, some images shown in our Ibstore are generic and do not show the specific version of a product that you will receive. If this is critical to your shopping decision, BEFORE placing an order, please contact me.

I send tracking numbers as soon as they are available. Please contact me if you have questions about your order status.

If you are anything less than completely satisfied with your order, please contact me immediately so that I may work with you to resolve your issues.

Before returning parts to me, please contact me to get a returned merchandise authorization (RMA). You shall be responsible for any shipping costs incurred in returning parts to me or the manufacturer. If I accidentally ship you the incorrect part, I will cover return shipping.

Some of my sources charge me restocking fees if I have to return parts. I will require you to reimburse me for such fees and any related shipping charges before I will process a new order for you.

Refunds and credits are arranged on a case-by-case basis, please contact me to discuss.

Some products shown in our store are intended only for vehicles used of of public roadways and therefore not subject to CARB emissions or DOT safety regulations. By purchasing products from us, you acknowledge that installation of some parts upon your vehicle may render the vehicle illegal for use upon public roadways and you assume all risks and potential expenses.

I am a retailer of brand new products. I do not offer warranties or guarantees beyond those of the manufacturers. Warranty claims must be made by the customer directly to the product manufacturer, though I will gladly assist you as much as I can in resolving any problems which you experience. MiataRoadster brand products which I manufacture are intended for of-road vehicles only and carry no warranties of any kind. That said, if you experience problems, please contact me and I’ll do my best to assist you.

Updated 9/2/19