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Maruha Motors head gaskets MAZDA

Brand: Maruha Motors | Category: Gaskets

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More Information Year Model SubModel Cylinders Liter Aspiration Eng Desg. Fuel Notes
Click For More Info 1989 - 1993 MIATA ALL ALL ALL ALL ALL ALL 79MM BORE X .8MM THICK (BEAD)

Product Description

1. Features of metal head gaskets for B6 STD bores

The improved bore diameter is 79.0mm, even though a STD cylinder bore is 78.0mm. The reason why we have decided 79.0mm is that the diameter ranges of the genuine pistons for O/H gaskets are up to 78.5mm.

The genuine head gasket, made with asbestos, actually have a 79.5mm bore diameter and a thickness of 1.3mm. While our production for tuning lovers has no-frills specification, our metal head gaskets have a more user-friendly spec.

2. Features of metal head gaskets for B6 and BP turbo engines

We emphasize that bore thickness of stopper types is 2.0mm. This allows gaskets for superchargers and turbochargers to be a superior stopper. The stopper type gaskets can control compression ratios precisely and can prevent dropping gaskets caused by severe boost pressures.

3. Specifications of bead type gaskets

Our bead type gaskets include spring-powered metal beads sandwiched in punched out stainless steel. The beads act as sealing between the heads and the blocks by the spring power. In other words, they can bring even surface pressure and stable seal maintenance to the gaskets.

4. Specifications of stopper type gaskets
Stopper type gaskets are aimed at prevention of a gasket blowing to stand boost pressures. These are turbo gaskets that can allow severe boost pressures for long term use. In order to maintain the product quality, the stopper is placed around the bore in the center of the gasket.

That is, the uneven surface is acted as the stopper. The stopper is set on the single side of the gasket, which is different from grommet types. And the other side is flat to increase sealing by fitting the bead gasket to stainless steel. The uneven surface pressure, thus the cylinder area is good to withstand boost pressures.

Metal head gaskets are all-purpose used as genuine parts and as well as tuning. Once pricey, but now have become popular because mass production contributed to stable price levels and prevent asbestos gaskets from causing air pollution and health damage.

The great point of metal head gaskets is metal’s high conduction that avoids heat accumulation.
It conducts heat within a combustion chamber to a block side smoothly and can be reduced gasket blowing caused by heat fusion.

Spring boards on the beads act as improving steady sealing pressure resulted in the stress power between the head and the block. Therefore, ideal compression ratios and squish areas just as you intended can be easily maintained by layering several boards.

Maruha Metal Head Gasket is free from blowing a gasket and moreover, you will be surprised at its easily tuning.