KA-FBBK - Keisler Automation front big brake kits

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Part #: KA-FBBK
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Year Model SubModel Cylinders Liter Aspiration Eng Desg. Fuel Notes
2004 - 2011 RX-8 ALL ALL ALL ALL ALL ALL

Product Description

Keisler Automation front big brake kits for NC and RX-8 are based on Wilwood Superlite calipers and OEM RX-8 12.7” diameter Sport Package rotors.

The kit includes:

• Wilwood Superlite 4 piston calipers

• Stainless Steel brake lines

• Aluminum adapter brackets

• Fasteners

Rotors and pads are available separately (contact us for options).

Why a caliper upgrade?

Why not a complete big brake kit?

Economically priced at $600 vs. typical “BBKs” $1800+.

The most inexpensive NC and RX-8 unsprung weight reduction on the market!

• OEM floating caliper assembly weight: 11 lbs

• Superlite caliper + adapter bracket weight: 4.95 lbs

• Over 12 lbs of total unsprung weight reduction

Upgrading to a larger 2-piece rotor will show minor improvements compared to the caliper upgrade. Two-piece rotors are approximately 2-3 pounds lighter than OEM and cost $700+ compared to $20 OEM centric rotors. When it comes time to replace the disc on the 2-piece rotor, the cost will still be upwards of $400. That money is better spent elsewhere for most applications.

The caliper upgrade kit is designed around the front Mazda RX-8 Sport Package rotor. At 12.7” diameter, the rotor is sized sufficiently for competition use.

• Superlite calipers utilize a quick change brake pad design for trackside convenience.

• Superlite calipers house THICK brake pads — .63” for drastically extended pad life.

• Decreased brake fluid temperatures due to the Superlite calipers’ aluminum material vs. steel OEM calipers.

• Fixed caliper design eliminates additional moving parts and potential failures found with floating calipers under extreme temperatures.

• 9% increased front braking force. The added front braking force is optimal when utilizing aggressive 200 TW, R-comp, and slicks which shift increased mass to the front axle.

• The caliper adapter brackets were engineered and FEA simulated to withstand infinite braking cycle loads of 1650 foot/pounds of torque. In other words, they will never fail.

PLEASE NOTE: If using OEM wheels, at least 8mm spacers are required for clearance. Most aftermarket wheels will have plenty of clearance.